Does it work when you approach girls on Facebook?

What works best if so.

  • No it doesn't work
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  • Works best if you try adding them first then message to say hi or go in as a friend
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  • Works best if you try adding them first then message to compliment them
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  • Works best if you message first to say hi
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  • Works best if you message first to complement
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  • Other - specify
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Shouldn't really be encouraging this, but if you want any success with this strategy (assuming you vaguely know the girl) this is what you should do. First off, if you friend her when she's just an acquaintance and instantly try and flirt with through private messages, you'll just come off as creepy and it will be a massive fail.

    Here's what you should do: Friend her on facebook - and all you will do for the first couple of months is comment on her posts ( but only now and a again - but not all the time, or you'll seem to eager) then, after a few months, you can be bolder and try a private message - but that would need to start off neutral for the first few times and maybe the 5th time you message her you can stick in an ambiguous vaguely flirty comment to see if she bites. I am wise to this strategy now, but it has worked on me back in the past.

    • *too eager

    • Really? I find most girls my age easily accept and respond to messages as just an acquaintance.

    • I'd respond to an acquaintance, because I am not rude, but I'd be more likely to find private messages from an acquaintance creepy than if the guy had friend-ed me and stuck to just commenting on wall stuff initially and waited until he knew me a little better before trying to PM me.

Most Helpful Guy

  • Well if you've been talking to women for a while you would know that a lot of hot girls of full of shit. this kind of shows on facebook as many of them will simply not under any circumstance accept a friend request or reply to messages from a stranger, no matter who they are. so yeah, good luck with that.


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What Girls Said 5

  • Unless you already know her it's a big no no

  • i seriously doubt it lol, unless she's just as thirsty.

  • I wouldn't say so, no.

    • Have you tried?

    • I'm generally not in the business of dating women, darling.

  • I can't imagine it does.

  • Well if it was me, it would just put me off if I don't even know the guy and he's trying to add and message me. If i knew him, its different.


What Guys Said 2

  • Never worked for me bro

  • Other: if can if you know how to do it (pics must be correct, need side view and not too much smiling, etc.), and if you're not hideous looking or state your main passion is being a gamer, and if you have a little social skills.

    Therefore my analysis shows that about 50% of men can pull it off, the bottom 25% have no hope, and the rest might or might not.