What is the meaning of this dream?

I go to a fortune teller but they're working in a white office with a glass desk even though they're wearing gypsy clothes. They're 2 fat, ugly women. They do something with tarot cards, I turn one around and they gasp. The card looks nothing like one in real life, it's white and has 2 black squares on it but somehow I know it means something like death. I never give them money, but my in-dream self keeps thinking about money and that they may be a fraud. Then my mom shows up behind my shoulder, taller than she is in real life, arms crossed, with a disapproving look. She gives me shit for giving money to those fraud fortune tellers instead of using traditional ways of her family (which don't exist in real life, her family were Muslims from Thessaloniki).


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  • I think you should search it on a books. And girl your mom is from Thessaloniki im greece? I love that city :))

    • A book*

    • In* greece

    • Mom's not directly from there, we've been in Istanbul for 4 generations. The last ones to be born in Thessaloniki were my grand-grand-grandparents. They moved here after WWI.

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