Sold my car and I miss it :( Worse than breaking up with a girl, How can I mend this heartbreak?

Sold my mustang cobra 3 weeks ago and now i got a 2011 camaro ss. I really miss my mustang though, i think about her everyday. It's been 3 weeks since she's been gone and everyday my heart cracks a little bit. I like my camaro but it's not that same as that mustang. I miss her :(

Me the past day and today:


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  • Fuck you for using that video as a comparison. His situation is way more tragic. And now I'm crying.

    Anyway, why did you sell it then.


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  • What a cold hearted reporter! Anyway, I think you need some time to heal. If you have a picture of it, put it in your pocket and look at it when you feel sad.

    • Nothing wrong with crying too.

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    • You'll be alright, no sweat.

    • yeah, time will heal lol

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