When raising a child should you yell at them if they don't do something right?

When i was younger my dad would always yell at me and sometime hit me if i did something wrong. I have a kid with my girlfriend and when i show him something and he doesn't do it quite right sometimes i get a bit angry and just yell at him.

My girlfriend always pulls me over and then i get yelled at lol for yelling at our son. I try not do it that much but i just remember what what dad did to me. Should i stop this comppletely?


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  • Don't yell at him! It's gonna effect him on many ways during his development and it'd gonna lead him to be scared or having low self esteem. When he does something wrong instead of yelling at him explain to him that he is doing wrong and what he is doing wrong and how he should do it right way, when he does it right give him an award and your gonna see how much better this way works compared to yelling and screaming. Treat him like an adult and communicate to explain and teach him him stuff that way he is gonna be a smart and brilliant boy that has high reasoning skills and that is gonna help him in so many way through out his life.

    • My dad always yelled at me when i was younger, almost every day and now that i think of it you're right about the lower self esteem cause that's how i kinda felt in all honesty. My girlfriend says the same about not yelling and i notice she is a lot better than me in those situations. I guess i should stop yelling and explain more in less aggression i guess.

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  • Yelling isn't very effective, to be frank. It might feel good or "strong" in the moment -- to YOU. But it doesn't actually teach the kid anything... other than to be afraid of you.

    Look up Operant Conditioning and non-violent communication. Applying those principles will be much more effective.

    • my dad used to yell at me all the times when i was younger but i will see those.

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