Do you have stalkers (the bad kind) on here?

I think there's a certain 25-29 aged anonymous pussy who kept posting rude and troll answers on my questions. And occasionally i have one male downvote. Just randomly.

Come out, come out, wherever you are... Face me, little pussy...


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  • No I don't think I have one... I get every now and then a downvote but they are usually expected. There was a young girl who was a little bit clingy and who stalked my activity I think but she was nice and deactivated her account anyway


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  • I don't think so lol not to my knowledge. But you shouldn't take downvites and things like that so seriously. can't be mad at someone for not agreeing with you cause people think differently.

    • I don't. But i hate cowardly trolls with all my heart...

    • I'm not the nicest Person on here either but if i wanna call someone out or say something rude, i don't hide behind the anonymous function. So me, the girl, has more balls than my anonymous pussy Stalker. Awesome.

  • I used to have a 30-35 female anonymous stalker but I think she's stopped with that a while ago.


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