I think I have too hight expectations towards myself, but I dont know how to stop?

so i have had this for a while now, but i haven't really admittetd it to myself beofre just recently. I have tendency to rush things and i unwillingly expcet results quickly.. I do this with anything from dating to school and education, which leads me to me stressed a lot and im often filled with the feeling of not being good enough or a failure, because things doesn't happen when i want or expect it to happen.

When i meet guys i want it to result in a serious relationship, i expcet it to go great without any problems, and when the guys doesn't tho how i pictured it i get stressed, disapointe, and things never go where i want it to go.

When it comes to school i have a tendency to beat myself up a lot of teh fact that i feel like i havnet accomplished enough. I have no ida on what i want to be, im not studing something i see i have a future in.

I know things take time, i know realtionships takes time and effort, i know its common for 20 year old to not have clue what they want to be- But i just can't stop...

No wonder i feel like crap all the time, i have very har standars towards myself... and the fact that i dont know what i want out of my life, the fact that i dont have a boyfriend (and never had), the fact that i dont have a best friend, or many friends for that matter, the fact that i dont have a flat stomach makes me feel like a failure and i fele embarassed.

Im concidering seekng some sort of therapy.. Because i know its not normal to feel embarassed by things like this.

Anyone that has any advice?


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  • There's nothing wrong with wanting the best

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