If someone who is naturally pale spends his entire summer in Egypt will he keep his dark skin in winter?

Another reason y I hate winter…I manage to get a little bit tanish in summer…but in winter I become pale again…. fuck it…. :(

So let’s consider if I spend my entire summer in Egypt outdoors and manage to get decent tan….. will I still be dark in winter?


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  • I doubt it. I can tan all summer till I'm dark by Christmas time I'm back to my pale self. That's if it lasts till then.


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  • I think you probably won't, our skin color eventually will get back to the same it was before the winter. It'll just take longer.

    • oh shit... :/

      and ma parents weren't as pale as me... basically ma dad was almost mixed... y did i end up pale anyway? :(

    • You probably had pale ancestors. Their genes didn't affect your parents, but they were there and affected you.

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  • No, I don't think so, but that person would probably get sun burns.