Stealing road signs?

There are multiple detour/construction signs on this one road near my house and no one pays attention to it anymore because it's too old now and no one takes the detour. I want to steal one of the signs with a couple of friends of mine, but I don't want to cause any accidents or get in any big trouble. People steal road signs all the time but this one isn't necessary like a stop sign so I don't think it would be a big deal. What do you guys think?


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  • I had a housemate at university who would regularly steal signs while stumbling home from the pub. This became a big problem because he kept them in the garage with a vintage car our landlord was planning to restore. If the cops ever had cause to visit, there'd have been hell to pay.


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  • Its wrong and you should not do it, obviously...


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  • If you were to steal a sign or even move it to where it's no visible to traffic and someone were to have a fetal accident you would be charged with negligent homicide. A bad accident or accident could get you charged with Reckless endangerment. Think it over real good before touching a street sign.


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