Guys, What's up with this?

So I received a friends request from a fake profile and I just knew it was my ex. Last time I heard from him after the breakup he said I was amazing and I'm a great person and any man would be lucky to have me. He also wanted to come see me cause he misses the sex and the times we had. Then he cut me off without explanation. I think it's because he doesn't want his current girlfriend to find out he's talking to me. Anyways a psychic confirmed that fake profile was my ex. She said he wanted to keep an eye out on me. But why? After he cut me off I sent him several texts and never got a response. I even sent him a text that said if he doesn't want me texting or talking to him anymore then please let me know so I can go on with my life. No response... now all of a sudden a fake profile? Why is this? Is he trying to make me think about him so I don't move on with my life? He hasn't emailed me from this profile at all or said one word to me. Why is he doing all of this? Does he still have feelings? Is he trying to keep me from moving on?


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  • It might not be your ex but if so he doesn't want you happy. Just ignore him and get on with your life

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