I'm not into stars of any kind or music in general. Odd?

Stars are often pretty, but I never know the names or look them up.

I like some kinds of music, but don't know much about the subject in general so I can't say which ones. Only wether or not I like a particular tune/song. I do like music in general a lot,(mostly without singing), but I'm not a fan of any types or stars.


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  • I know the bands I like and I know a few specific members if I really admire their talent and want to folow their work. There are also a few writers (dead or alive ahah) that I know a little more about. In general though, no, I don't know many celebrities. I can recognize names because I see them and hear people talking about them, but id have no idea who Channing Tatum or Iggy Azalea were if you gave me a small group of pictures to pick from.

    I know some HUGE stars like Nicki Minaj and Beyoncé and Johnny Depp but that's about it for me

    • Sounds to be pretty much the same as my situation. :)

      There are also some stars I like a lot like Jonny Depp and Danny Kaye. I have trouble with names, but would recognize their face in an instant. All these stars are movie/tv actors, though. Never music.

      There are some music star names I'd recognize, having heard them a quadrillion times, but very few and only the name.

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  • I know who most stars are but I wouldn't know much about them. As for music, I like musical theatre music so I mostly know what song a show is from, but as for other music I barely know who sings what.


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