Should I meet any of them alone?

I was lied to by a University that I applied to as a transfer (and got an admission offer). 3 weeks into the program and I started suffering symptoms of anxiety.

They stated I couldn't re-apply which was a flat out lie. They just didn't want to deal with a 'problem' student.

I want to confront them. I'm seriously tired.

I'm debating whether or not to go tomorrow and meet one of them. Initially I had wanted my father to accompany me but he's working tomorrow. I don't know whether they will take me less or more seriously if I'm with him.

Do you think I should go? I don't have an appointment so it may be weird but I can't meet with them for another week after this.


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  • Under what circumstances did you leave the school? That would generally determine whether you can reapply according to their protocols. If you took some kind of a medical leave or medical withdrawal, I don't understand why you couldn't become an active student again.

    I would not go to see an administrator without an appointment. I would not personally bring a parent to a meeting like that, unless you have a compelling reason to do so. It would make more sense to take an attorney, at least eventually, if you can afford it and if you apprise the administrator in advance (but I know that can be cost-prohibitive).

    Is there a reason any of this is urgent? I'd handle it thoughtfully, and plan on starting again next term, whenever that is for you. :) Good luck.


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