If Emma Watson, let you do anything with her for one day, what would you do?

Can be anything you want, but remember you have a whole day, not just an hour or two.

I'd go for breakfast at a nice cafe with her, followed by a morning just chilling out and wandering through a nice place (Park, village, walks etc.) Then grab lunch at another cafe, lunch place, and go to the beach for the afternoon with her and go swimming etc. Then go out to a posh place for tea, and go watch sunset on a hill. Then I'd go to a private place, and arouse her, and then have sex with her and make her pregnant.


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  • Shoppingggg of course.

    • Where and for what, and you paying or her?

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    • Lmao. I'll offer but she'll end up paying since of course... she is BALLING. lol

    • @QooLipBite

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  • Ask her to give me her bank details = Balling.

    Go with her to meet other famous actors/musicians/stars take pictures and jol.

    Use her to get me recognized in the music industry. (Maybe she knows people? Maybe some people care more about those that have ties with famous celebrities?).

    Get settled into the business with the help of Emma.

    Be paparazzi'd with Emma.

    F*king BE BALLING!!!

    Meet one direction 😍

    Get myself a new studio, instruments, buy my parents a new car, get them a massage chair, buy my parents a vacation tour thing.

    • No disrespect meant, but surely to make it somewhere in the industry you should be doing that off your own merit not piggy backing on someone else's fame. It's why I don't like all the talent show stuff, is they piggy back, and yet their are people that are much better than them, but don't get recognised cause they didn't meet Simon Cowell, and I am a musician so I'm not slating you, actually more saying go for, be the best you can be, but be recognized for being you.

    • Yea Nahh, this cheesy bullshit doesn't work m8. This isn't a make belief disney movie show, this is reality.

      Getting to the industry is 50% talents and abilities, 10% personality, 40% luck. It all depends on the people you know and who expose yourself to.

      You are going to NEED the piggy back to launch yourself. Plus it's much easier.

      Doing the cheesy bullcrap, in this world thinking you'll magically "achieve your dreams" is just not 👌.

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  • "Then I'd go to a private place, and arouse her, and then have sex with her and make her pregnant. "

    You just had such a good start and you had to end with that hahaha :P

    • One day to do anything, of course it would be on the list on things to do

    • Lol and you just had to make her pregnant too?

    • Why waste a chance to get a baby with someone that good looking, besides more reason to see her more after that day.

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