I don't know what to do anymore?

I don't know what to do anymore I absolutely hate my family, I lost my mother a few years ago and I would trade them all for her back because o hate them so much I just don't know what to do or where to turn


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  • Move out when you have opportunity.

    I had a lot of family problems myself. What helped me was cutting out people who where toxic and made me just feel worse. I don't have any contact with my dad, sister, grandfather etc. It is really relieving not having contact with them anymore, made me just miserable.

    Losing your mom is hard, but try to join social events and get to know people. Meet people who will be there for you. Sometimes friends can be just like family.

    You are not alone at least. Many people live with dysfunctional family. You don't choose your family, they are just given to you.
    So try to focus on you and what makes you happy. Just stay optimistic! Life won't be so depressing if you are willing to change it.

    • Leaving isn't a option really I'm still in school, I try to avoid them as much as possible with stuff away from home but every time I come home the feeling of hate is deep o literally would stand head to head with my dad and fight him without caring and the scary thing is I know I could beat his ass if he started on me

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  • Counseling... Move out... talk to them about what u don't like...

  • I know this won't help, but if you ever need someone to talk to I'm here.

    • Appreciate it thanks 👍🏻

  • Move out but don't cut comnection

    • That's not a option I'm 17

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