How should I get out of jury duty?

I was chosen to serve for jury duty in 3 weeks and am a full-time college student so I don't have time plus i had to be free for 2 weeks and that won't happen anytime soon. Over Christmas break in going to the Bahamas for a class as doing my research so I can't go then. In the summer i have field camp which I need to go to graduate and go to grad school. So I can postpone it but all of this is set in stone and I don't know what to do. Can I give up my voting rights and unregister so I am off the list by the time I am on the list again?


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  • just get some sort of note from your university. if they see that your decision making will be swayed by getting the decision over with or you are resentful to be there they are less likely to select you... also school commitments for which you are financially invested are a good out

    if all else fails say you are racist, ageist and sexist against everything

    • Will showing up dressed poorly and hungover help? What if I smell like cigs and talk shit to them like "I dont really care who is involved I was zoned out as hell."

    • if you seem argumentative or something that might help. the cigarettes part won't really matter unless the case is something involving cigarettes (tobacco, lung cancer, etc).

      you don't want to talk sh*t because they can call that contempt even during pre-trial stuff. but maybe going in hungover and disheveled will help. they may not think you are reliable

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  • my philosophy prof said tell them you're a philosophy major, they hate having those people on the jury. you call everything out as a fallacy lol.

  • I usally just show up in my fry the innocent t shirt and don't get selected

    • What if I get a ride and show up wasted or hungover lol.

    • Might work or it might be a crime depending where yiu live

    • I won't got wasted that's for sure lol but I may try hungover wearing the trashiest clothes I have. Either way I want to de register to vote cause idgaf about this country or the government.