Girls! if your boyfriend wasn't home all the time (working) and you had a kid, would you want him to get money or take a day off to spend with you?

Me and my girlfriend are both 24 and i plan on marrying her a little bit past 26 years old. I got a good stable job and i like it a lot. I spend 8-10 hours a day there as i work overtime. I work all week long. My girlfriend gets sad cause i don't spend time with my little girl and her cause i'm working a lot. I tell her we need to money for later (when i say later i mean for the baby and wedding). It's been a good 4 months and i made some decent money.

I like this job and she is telling me to take a day off each week but we can't afford that in my opinion. I barely get to see my daughter but i'm doing this for her so she doesn't grow up poor like i did. A wedding cost a lot too so i'am also saving for that. I value money cause i had none growing up.

Now Ladies would YOU be OK with your man working and not spending time with you to get money for the future. Please be honest. Should i take a day off every week to spend more time with them?



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  • I love the fact that my boyfriend works all the time, but I would like to have a full day alone spent with him.

    • Alright, well i guss one day next week will be ok. I don't really spend time with my girl or my daughter and it's bothering her. During the day i almost never get to see my little girl, sometimes i do but often not.

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    • :o well i don't want to happen :( my girlfriend did tell me that she feels really lonely without me. I feel take off a day a week from now on.

    • Good! That's good thinking 😊

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  • Do you not get weekends off? Calling in sick or whatever every week will get your ass fired for sure!

    • Well i choose to work everyday. I can take one day a week off. But that is losing $250 a day if i work for 10 hours. $250 is a lot for me

    • I understand you are rebuilding your finances, but working everyday will lead to problems. I think you should be taking at least one day off a week to spend time with your family. I am on your girlfriend side. Working every day will only lead to burn out, being over tired agitated. You are not losing $250. To lose it someone has to take it from you once you have it already. $250 you are making is simply extra money.

    • i guess i could take very Sunday off then