Should I give up on her?

Alright, so I was "friends" with this girl I liked for a limited time, however, when her so-called friend friended be on facebook--long story short, things became dolorous. I mean, her "friend" would not stop bothering me; I even had two tests to study for. Every time I came back on Facebook--she was there. I even gave her subtle hints, such as ignoring her, replying with extreme shortness (ie; Yes, no, those kind of answers). After a while, when I failed two tests, I simply exploded, you know just said things I wasn't supposed to say--swore, called her this and that, though, I was not thinking straight at the time. I even had a slight case of depression (and still do). So she apparently became "pissed" at me because I said such things. I went back you see, and apologized with immense effort, saying I should not have said, I'm sorry if I hurt, please do not talk to me ever again, no hard feelings; her friend said okay; yet, the girl who I liked ignored me, blocked me (so I have no contact with her), and I even apologized. I'm not even the type of guy who wants a girl for her body, I actually liked her, but she even blocked me on gmail. So you know what--I just said, fine, be that way--goodbye. Should I still give up?


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  • give up


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