How do you deal with social anxiety?

I suffer from social anxiety and i have tried pills and seen health professionals and nothing seems to get rid of it. I am at the stage where i simply have to go out and find work because i have no money. The thought of having a job is petrifying. I struggle to leave the house on most occasions and i dont have money to get a car which means i will have to take the bus and that puts fear into me. Does anyone have any advice? Im really shy and i have no confidence in how i look. Any help is welcome thank you in advance


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  • I try to overcome it. I have in a lot of ways. And in other ways I still feel awkward even in front of my friends.
    Still can't talk on the phone.
    Forget about parties.
    I'm trying to overcome it one thing at a time.
    Like right now all my focus is on getting comfortable and confident around my friends. It's a simple goal. it'll take time but when it does I would have achieved something and I will move on and set another goal.


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