Should I get dimple piercings to get dimples?

Okay soooo here's the story. I have one dimple on my left side. Only one though. And it bothers me. A LOT. It really annoys and bothers me when there are two sides of something and they aren't symmetrical. I dont know why, im just weird. It honestly makes me kinda insecure about the right side of my face lol.
So I've been thinking of getting dimple piercings, so i can have two dimples. But i would have to leave the piercings in for 1-3 months. Then you take the piercings out and eventually the holes turn into dimples. The thing im worried about is that they aren't going to turn out the same, unless i just get one cheek done. which would look weird. im looking more into it. Stupid idea?


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  • Nah, I like those kind of piercings they look hot on m or f. I thought about doing it too only I would keep them in. Now that I'm thinking about it I wanna do it more than ever before. Thanks😊


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