Tips for getting over anxiety when playing an instrument in front of an audience?

So I play the organ for my school, while the school sings with my playing. It's a hell of a lot of pressure as if I mess up the hymn has to restart, using up more time which they find a hassle and also I have to play it again after messing up. My confidence goes completely before playing, and even though I know the pieces 100% I forget them sometimes when under pressure, so I worry that will happen which results in more stress. Tips to stop this cycle? Or when getting up there anything that can help me calm down?


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  • Close your eyes before the show and breathe in and out and relax. Have confidence in yourself; you must be the most important person if they rely on you this much. Thus, they trust and believe in your ability. You should do the same. In fact, when you mess up, blame it on someone else; it's not your fault. That's the attitude you need.

    • Yeah Im useless at believing at myself I've messed up 3 times before and it has crushed my confidence. Even the night before, Im freaking out and dont feel like doing to school.

    • You just need to learn and have faith in yourself. You can do this; don't let the past dictate how you will do in the future. Focus and attack!

    • Thanks for the motivation. I'll take this onboard

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