I get stuck a lot with my assigment, dont know how to get things done?

im working on my semester assigment in addition to an presentation, and i have been working on them for almost two days.. i get a lot of information and i have slowly started writing complete sentences and making something out of it..

But i seem to have problems "getting started" on actually sitting down and writing things.. i gave myself a week to do everything because i have a lot og other stuff to do in additon to this, so i have to work hard.

Anyway, i also seem to get stuck a lot.. so any adivce? how do you deal with these kind of situations? I feel like im using a lot of time doing nothing.. and this is even when i work for hours, take reguar breakes, eat regulary and switch (when i get stuck on one thing, i take break and start on something else).


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  • No one can answer this question except you. Everyone is different in how they work best. Some are morning people. Some are evening people. Some wake up in the middle of the night and do it. Some do a bit at a time. Some wait to the last minute, then they start cranking it out.

    Find what part of the day or night you are most creative. Test whether coffee or sugar helps or hurts your thinking. Does music help or hurt? And if it helps, what style? (even if you don't usually listen to classical, it might help you think better).

    Some people work best to outlines, then fill it out. Some people have the whole story in their heads, then just write it out.

    Part of college is figuring out how best to be the best you can be.


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