I was over him, but I saw a picture where he looked really cute and now I feel bad?

so i was seeing this guy about 2-3 weeks ago, and it ended abruptly after 2 weeks or so. We met a at bar, we started dancing and making out and stuff and then we exchanged facebook and he followed me home. The next day he messaged me telling me he really wanted to meet me again, and 2 days later he came over to my place and we watched a series and just cuddled a little.. We talked everyday and then me invited me to his place for a movie night, but i had a work weekend so i was really tired and had to cancle it.

I know his friend was comming over early the following week and that they had plans, so i didn't expect him to message me as much or as often. But it suddenly took almost a day before he asnwered, and when it had gone almost two days before he answered or even saw my last message i understood he had lost interest.

He was really cute and we had a lot in common, and even only after 2 weeks i got sad when i realised he had lost interest. But i moved on, but today i saw a pic of him and some friends on a road trip, and he looked really cute.. And i got in a instant bad mood...

im trying to stop caring or feeling bad becuase i have a lot of shit to do. How do you deal with things like this? how do i not care? lol


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  • just by seeing the title i knew what i have to deal with here. i didn't bother to read the rest cause i dont bother with superficial people like you... .

    • im very curious to what you think this question is about...

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    • well hun both the foundations of your infatuation towards him and of your sadness are shallow. you got too many first world problems.

    • what did you expect? i only knew him for two weeks.. and i not going to disagree with you

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