Why are people disgusting?

Last night a woman changed her tampon in the fitting room and left it for us to clean it... A few days earlier a woman left a dirty diaper in one of the rooms. People leave their food and drinks everywhere. Some people don't shower and stink up the rooms. My first day someone peed in one of the rooms.

Why are people that disgusting?


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  • Humans are gross creatures, but damn.. that sounds messed up.
    It's acceptable until human waste is left unattended.


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  • people tend not to give a shit about the environment when its not their name on the property listing.

  • ... and you will continue to deal with human filth within employment, until you get a proper education and make something out of yourself.

  • Oh my goodness Kia :o
    We always say about people that work in public places "you don't want to know what they encounter in an average day"... I'm afraid your story is the perfect illustration :-(

    • They're also rude.

    • Yeah they don't give a sh... since they'll just walk away from the mess and you're the one who is to clean it up for them.
      I can see it happen :-(

  • When I worked in a clothes outlet a few years ago these muslims would come in and shit on the floor in the fitting rooms. Gypsy travelers came in and stole stuff all the time. I watched a fat woman with a bag of cherries eating them and spitting the pits out everywhere. People are just animals.


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