What to do about my ilfe?

I'm just at a loss of what to do any more... first off i have health problems... i have problems with my hormones i need to go to the docs for but it makes me feel so incredibly horrible every day... i rarely go out because of it because i don't feel like doing anything whatsover, i have no energy and i can't deal with day-to-day stresses any more... it's too much... and then there is my entire so called "family" who do nothing but make things worse for me... they are arrogant, self-centered, closed-minded, they constantly try and make me second guess myself for their own gains... and whenever i've tried to tell them the truth of how they act they don't want to see it... so i've given up... but then because they now see i've given up they get on me even about THAT, treat me like the black sheep.

I haven't been around my other family like my grandma and grandad, uncles, aunties, cousins, because it's just so much drama... eveything they say and do is just an obligation, they say i HAVE to do it... they play happy families pretending this entire family hasn't fallen apart because of their idiocy... what about me? what about what i want? i struggle enough dealing with stresses but they have such a lack of understanding of anything or anyone... they try and say i'm being lazy, that i'm making up excuses, that i'm acting up... even my parents... and then they all keep lashing out their frustrations at me... just today soon as i got up my mum tried getting on me about nothing at all then my bro was in the kitchen and he joined in... they just wanted to start an argument... and i said i'm not saying anything then next thing my bro hurls something across the room at me for no reason... but this stuff doesn't just happen at home... it happens no matter where i go.

Soon as i just enter a room i some how bring out the bad in people... all i'm doing is standing up or sitting some where minding my own buisness... then some idiot every time starts picking on me for no reason... why do people want to always take their frustrations out on me? what is it about me that makes people want to do this? because i don't see what they see for people to do this... but from the day i was born is all it's been... i'm tired of it all... any advice?


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  • A delicate story... and a little too long to read entirely :D
    Perhaps try to take your life in hands and try to let them feel you know what you're doing.
    What I mean is: try to make plans and talk about them...
    That may prevent them from always thinking you're "messing up" or running away.
    It won't do miracles but it may help :D

    • As i said i've given up... there is just no use trying to make them understand anything... i don't enjoy being around even my bro or my parents... they me so unhappy... and i wish i could just get shot of all of them and start a new... but because so many people are horrible to me and judge and criticsize me even outside of home it's been too difficult... and because of my health problem with my hormones i can't even beguin to try and find work or anything, and that is the number 1 thing they get on me about... and they define me by that... they think just because i don't have a job that i'm nothing... that i'm just a useless waste of space... that nothing good about me matters... they act just like those highly consevative families but i don't want to live up to what they make of me... i don't care... but it's just the constant stress they are putting on me to try and make me like them that bothers me, same for other people... but i can't work because i feel so horrible...

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    • but i just started feeling a lot worse that last year... but people messing me about didn't help... i found out the job center run the apprenticeship team... much to my dismay since you can't trust any of them and it all made sense lol but i just can't catch a break...

    • Oh goodness, that's not nice. Let me just promise I'll be friendly to you okay :D

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