Old classmate is a scammer now. isn't it rude that he tried to scam an old friend from the school?

So literally 1 minute ago an old classmate texted me on FB, asked whats up and stuff. Then he asked if I could call him or he calls me and probably expected me to give him my number but I just called from the FB app since its faster anyways and I thought "I can give him my Number afterwards or during the call". Anyways he first asked whats up again and that my voice changed so much compared to back then and I said "Yeah bro, hows the army like?" He said "awesome but I quit After a year, now Im working independently for the financial sector and there are 2 reasons why I call. First because I missed you and second because of business" then he explained a bunch of bullshit and I told him that Im not interested since I move away from germany when Im old and get nothing out of it. He said "Oh, alright.. well could you give me the numbers of your friends so I can ask them if they're interested?" and I rejected, telling him that I wouldn't like it If someone would give my number without my permission, so I won't do it as well. Then I told him "Im not your man, look for someone else. Was nice hearing you again." And hung up while I was glad that he doesn't have my number.

Dont you think this is rude? Would you scam an old school friend if thats your occupation? I think this is dirty and actually its kinda sad seeing that this is what he made out of his life. And I had so much respect for him before this call happened because I thought he's an honorable person working for the german defense force. Now he's just a scammer.

  • Yes, I would scam old School friends if thats my occupation
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  • Yes, I would choose to be a scammer if I need the Money this badly, but wouldn't scam my friends
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  • No, I would never choose this as a job, doesn't matter how much I need money.
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  • i can understand his intention in terms of work, but i dunno it seems a little desperate, which is probably the nature required for that kinda job? either way, dont take it to heart. i dont think he meant to get up in ur privacy in a rude way.


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  • sounds like he was looking for potential business more than trying to scam.

    • Nah bro, I know this. This is common in germany, he wants to sell those numbers. This way the people get ad-sms and get spammed with calls from people trying to sell something or other scammers. You can throw away your number if one of those guys gets your number.

    • oooh I see, well that's just not cool then lol.

    • Thats why he also insisted on giving those numbers to him before asking my friends if thats ok.

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  • He was just trying to get more people for the (or his) business. I agree it was rude of him to call you just to ask that. A friend from school I know once called for the sole purpose of asking if I'd buy her mascara she was selling...


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