Last night I heard a woman screaming bloody murder at 2 AM?

last week my neigherborhoods biggest problem was the coyote and the bear but there is so many rabbits and quails they rarely eat some ones dog. but last night i decided to open my window because it was incredibly hot. A few hours later i was woken by noises that were did not sound human followed by a woman screaming by far the most blood curdling scream some more animal noises then nothing. i was so shocked because this never happens in my neighberhood because my neigherberhood is filled with old people that would never hurt anything i could not move i was so shocked. looking back i am glad i did not investigate it because i have seen on Facebook to not investigate if you hear a baby crying because rapists and murderers have been using the recording of a baby to lure their victims. anyways i spent the rest of the night telling myself that i am incredibly stressed and it was 2 am so i probably imagined it. I just asked around my house no one else heard it


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  • If they were sleeping then they might not have heard it, I don't really hear much when I'm in a deep sleep. If anything happened it would have been out of your control anyway so don't beat yourself up over it. Also, it's probably going to be on the news, so you'll hear more about it if it was anything serious.


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  • I'd have tucked the glock in my pants and gone to have a look.

    • i dont know if i would've been able to do that after that scream i know feel freddy Krueger is after me

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