Can you handle the "sad facts of reality" list?

1. You will die someday.
2. Your mother is the only female that can truly love you. She is problemed to give you unconditional care. Men make the mistake of thinking all women are like their loving mother.
3. Love between strangers is merely a chemical reaction that activates when evolutionary mating signals are clarified and accepted between man and woman.
4. People care about you as long as you provide them something. (Can be positive emotions, sex, items, literally anything)

5. Justice is an illusion. The corrupt control everything including all governments and legal systems. The justice system exists to keep us the worker drones safe so we can keep making money for those corrupted peoplein power.

6. There is no such thing is fixing the world or people. 3rd world shit holes will stay shit hellholes. First world countries will keep being corrupt and sociopathic. NOTHING changes.

7. You aren't really alive. Being alive and dead while they are two different states are bth illusions. Personality is a survival mechanism much like most of your traits. The brain creates them. the brain experiance existence throught our body, the body is made of bone blood etc. The bone, blood etc are all made of atoms and those are made of very very small particals. that are neither alive or dead. What people define as dead in reality is the stopping of mind and thought. People don't realize mind is merely a contruct that gives us the illusion of freewill.

8. You are infinitly small in this massive universe. You aren't important and neither are your problems. The universe will keep going on and on without you.


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  • 1. Of course everyone dies, nothing you can do about that so no sense in being sad about it.
    2. My mother doesn't love any of her children.
    3. Love is so much more than a chemical reaction, and for anyone who is incapable of recognizing that then it sucks for you, because my life is great. :]
    4. I have genuine people in my life and for those that are not so genuine I don't care because I can rely on myself. I don't generally turn to others for inspiration and support, they come to me.
    5. This is true, but I'm focused on the afterlife not so much this one, so who cares really?
    6. What does that have to do with me? Life isn't a walk in the park and that's okay.
    7. If that's the way you want to look at it sure, but everything you said sounds like mumbo jumbo.
    8. I am important, you don't need to recognize my importance for me to know it's true.
    In short, everything you've said has had 0 effect on me. None of these things I view as an issue, and plenty of what you listed is hardly a fact. I think the only fact you've stated is that everyone will die someday and even that isn't entirely true. The soul lives on for all of eternity, and whether or not you enjoy it depends on where you send yourself. You have an extremely negative outlook on life. Life is only as hard as you make it, and you've clearly made it as difficult as possible for yourself.


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  • 8. You are infinitely small in this massive universe. You aren't important and neither are your problems. The universe will keep going on and on without you.

    But... will girls think my penis is big enough?

  • Not all of them are facts.

  • These facts do not surprise me.