I feel she like me true? Or false?

Hi all. I went to doc 3 weeks ago but the doc wasn't there the girl that work there was so friendly but when she talked to me she started to lough I loughd too I don know why. Before 2 days I was walking near there and then she saw me then she came to me and said hi how are come inside I asked her if the doc is here she said no I said ok thanks next time I will come she looked like disappointed. I don know why she asked me to come inside too. I do like her bc she's beautiful but I'm not sure if she like me or this is what her job need!

Any advice?


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  • I don't think you can really tell based on that experience. Girls can often respond very typically when they like someone. what I mean is, if a girl likes a guy, they do those typical flirty things like flipping their hair, giggling, batting their eyelashes, keeping eye contact. Generally if a girl does these things, they like you (or are unintentionally flirting - which is actually very common). But everyone is different, so this may be very wrong for this specific girl. these are generalisations.


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  • Bruh she is a nurse they're usually nice but maybe she is interested to know you..

    • she's not nurse she's the one who take appointment

    • Yea secretary-waiters-nurses are always nice.

    • Hmm thats why I'm not sure about her.

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  • True...


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