Do you belive this is true?

Ok so I was watching Max and Ruby with my brother. My cousin told me Mr and Mrs Huffington are Max and Ruby's parents. Ruby just calls them Mr and Mrs H because the creators don't want pre schoolers to know about racist. Since they're white and black. Which is probably why they moved next door to a different house its the only grown up contact they have besides grandma. Plus the grandma is grey. And baby Huffington is Max and Ruby's baby brother but he came out black. Ruby and Max were just the wrong color so they're parents gave them up and let them live alone which is why Ruby always wants to visit them. Sure the parents look white on that photograph hanging above the couch but the light and sun just shines on them all day and makes them look white. Max suffers from retardation because he can't accept the fact his parents are black which is why he's too shy to say more than one word and Ruby acts like an adult. My cousin is 10 but he's a huge Max and Ruby fan he knows everything but he said someone at school told him this. I belive it. Is it really true? If not then why don't we see Max and Ruby's parents?


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  • I think its true...


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