Anyone using whatsapp that knows what happens here with this contact I have? Did she block me?

Though I still have her number we don't talk anymore.
I started using whatsapp long after it got cold between me and her and I remember she had it long before we went our separate ways. Strange thing I noticed today as I scrolled through my Phone Book
you know you need a mobile number to connect over whatsapp with someone else.
If I go into the device Phone book I see the whatsapp Icon right under the mobile number. (so the mobile number is linked to a whatsapp account). Good, so you'd think the person has it.
If I go into Whatsapp itself, the person is not on the "contacts" list. So you'd think: guess she doesn't have whatsapp after all
If I scroll down on the "contact" list in whatsapp, the app has this other list of people that are in the Phone Book of the device, but don't use whatsapp and next to them it says "invite" (so you'd press the button and invite them to use whatsapp)
This person is not on this list either. So the app recognizes that this person has the app installed on the device, but at the same time I can't see her. Did she block me somehow or what happened?


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  • It's a glitch I've experienced it before.
    Sometimes you just need the person to message you so they appear on your contacts list.

    • I removed the number from my device phone book and then put it back. The whatsapp Icon doesn't show up any longer under the mobile number in the Phone Book section of the device. But then again if I go in the "contacts" list in whatsapp, she does not show up in the "invite" section, where everyone that doesn't have a whatsapp account for their mobile shows.
      Strange, but hey...

    • Thanks for MHO

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  • She might not have it.


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