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So, there is this guy at my school. I guess you could say I secretly have a crush on him. One day in the crowded hallway he probably saw me coming and I purposely nudged him in the arm making it noticeable. After that I've been seeing him in the hallway. Everytime I look up I see him looking at me.

Recently, after school, my friend and I were walking out of class together. I saw him coming my direction to meet up with a friend that I have class with and he looked at me directly and walked cautious and slow in front of my friend and me.

Yesterday, after school he was walking in front of me and my friend. I was talking a bit loud not meaning to, but he usually walks fast and leaves class quickly.

Today, my friend and I were walking together and when he came out of the class room we had this eye contact moment. None of us broke the moment. I was smiling as well cause I was talking to a friend. It lasted about 3sec or so.

The other day, probably last week. I was with my friend till 5 at the school library and I started describing him. When we came out of the school and she left and I was about to make a phone call and saw him there sitting waiting for his ride. He saw me looking making phone call then looked away. The thing is... He should be looking to the left on the look out for his ride and I was on the right side and he looked like he was looking BOTH directions. Towards my direction.

Now you got enough facts, hope I get opinions. I don't know if it's me of if something is going with him.


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  • Do you want to know what would be more exciting than asking everyone whether this guy likes you? Actually talking to him! Then you would know if he likes you and, if he does, you could start getting to know each other. You probably want to let him make the first move but you can go out of your way to give him opportunities, like. . . when you saw him sitting, waiting for his rode, you could have sat beside him and started talking.

    • But, shouldn't he get the hint by now? If he does, he would talk. If not. Ignore and creepily keep staring?

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    • Approach him and begin a conversation. Here's a hint: find out something that he likes, maybe a musical group or a type of music or a sports team or something like that. The find out something about his interest. Then you approach him at the right time and you ask him something that gives him an opportunity to show you how much he knows about that subject, like "Hey, I hear you're a big Clemson football fan. Did you watch their game last Saturday?"

    • Oo... That's a problem. Starting a conversation is not easy.

  • So, to him, he probably thinks nothing is happen. He's aware that you happen to glance at him and he happens to glance at you, and that means nothing.

    If he likes you, then yeah I guess that could be why he's staring at you. But this doesn't tell us much.


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