Pregnancy nausea vs stomach flu nausea- please help?

I get nauseous after I eat or drink. Could this be because I am pregnant? Or because I have a stomach flu? Please explain the difference between the two. I really appreciate it, thank you so much.


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  • It could b either, really. Sometimes they feel the same. Maybe u should take a test to b sure... or just wait a few days and see it it passes...

    • I'm 19 and have never had sex. My boyfriend and I try to be really careful. There was one time when maybe he felt his boxers to see if he was wet and then fingered me, but even so, I don't think that would have a high chance of getting me pregnant right? I can't ask for a pregnancy test, because my mom will know and suspect things

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    • Aww... lots of water, orange juice and rest!!!
      Feel better soon!!!

    • Thank you so much!