On the verge of losing my job because of my cell phone and a book?

my job is really to sit and wait for phone calls and when I don't have any sometimes I read or Google various things on my phone... a lot of people at my job (pretty much all) are on their phones daily whether texting or personal calls.. but it seems to only be a problem if I do it..

I'm not sure why the assistant doesn't like me because I really only try to keep everyone's spirits up by laughing and joking around but her and her brown noser have had it out for me since I started.. and the book I read is religious and she makes the biggest deal about it being anywhere on my desk.. whether open or closed. my desk is also in a corner in the back of the office NO ONE ever sees me but they can see her and others at the front desk who text and actually answer the phone.. I'm just annoyed and needed to vent sorry

(maybe relevant maybe not but everyone else is Caucasian. I'm not. also think the assistant is jealous because I have a child young and she's been trying for 10 years) <--speculation of others at my job


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  • I had a case where I sacked a girl because of the cell use. We have a policy of not using cell phones while at work. I don't have any sympathies for you regardless of what other people are doing, that is not excuse, their turn will come to get sacked.

    • There's no policy about it though..
      I share a space with another woman who hasn't liked me since the day I started... that literally reports anything I do that she doesn't approve of

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    • I only recently figured it out and I'm trying to figure out why.. I'm not whining about it just extremely annoyed because I stay to myself and when anyone is upset even the ones I don't like I try to make them smile or comfort them so I'm what I did for them to dislike. Gist... I'm annoyed because they nitpick only me not even the news on probation

    • Don't comfort them if they are such bastards, they'll hate you regardless of what you do. Look after yourself and find true work-mates.

  • She doesn't like you because you complain a lot. You should have just stopped with the religious book if you really care about your job.

    • I don't even say anything though.. literally.
      And there are other people who keep bibles on their desks

    • I also stopped bringing it for like 3-4 months

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