Not pretty enough to get a boyfriend, not fun enough to get friends and not fit enough?

I know this is a "first world problem" or whatever, but its still really real for me. I feel like im never good enough... im not attractive enough to get a boyfriend, im not interesting enought to get and keep friends, im not smart enough to do well at univrsity ( i'll pass, but i'll never be good)

I feel like i fail at everything.. even when i make a big effort and talk to a lot of people, joke around and smile a lot. i have very few or n results.. Its obivious somthing wrong with me... im the common denominator after all..

I dont expect people to want to be my friend.. i just hope a lot...

How do i stop butting so much energy in bothering about stuff like this? its only making me feel worse ;/


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  • I went half away across the world to a school, it was my dream to travel, i was running away from my country, my job and family. Guess what happened i didn't have friends for the whole month i was alone even in class they dont talk to me, i started to focus on myself only and have fun alone, when i did that people started to be freindly with me, i thikbeing desprate to make people like you, would only make you lose energy.

    • Im not going out of my way to Please people. . Im Just making myself more available

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  • Aww, you're just feeling down because you dream one thing but where you're at is in a different direction. Find the motivation to turn things around... I think what would help you is making friends first. They will boost your morale and help you reach your other goals too. I'd suggest meeting people at some sort of volunteer event or club meeting. Volunteering brings out some of the nicest, warmest, most receptive people out there and clubs bring together people of common interest. There are billions of people in this world, there is definitely gonna be many guys who find you attractive and there are little tweaks we all need to do to upkeep our appearance. But forget that. Baby steps. When you think too big at all the things that are wrong, it can leave you paralyzed and feeling miserable. One step at a time. Put yourself out there and meet people. You'll be happy you did!


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  • Maybe you need to find friends who are specifically interested in things you are interested in. Don't put yourself down so much I'm average at best and I do ok. I find it hard to make friends but I try make everyone smile and I like my own space. I like being a bit of a loner

    • I like loning too, but I also want to be invited to stuff or been considered s good friend etc... and im trying. . I dont know how much more I can try without going crazy or tired