Can anyone give me an Sti for free? I think everyone should have a Sti in the coming months!!!, do you agree?

Now i hope you weren't thinking of THAT STI...

Can anyone give me an Sti for free? I think everyone should have a Sti in the coming months!!!, do you agree?

I'm talking about this one!

This subaru sti is a beast in the snow and you won't probably won't get stuck, look what happens when YOU get an Sti!

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No one else wants an sti? ;)


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  • I know someone who has one.

    He neglected it for months and when he got around to maintaining it, it cost thousands to get back into shape. And each month he spends a lot of time and money on maintaining it.

    For someone who's not into cars like that, don't get me wrong I appreciate them but I can't tell you what pipe is what or anything, then it's not a car I could have. I can tell you where the engine, screen wash, oil change/checker, and battery is and that is IT for under the bonnet, a car like that would be wasted on me.

    • people abuse cars but if you do, you have to have the money to fix them. Like if at every red light he gasses it then yes that is how you ruin an engine lol. An engine can only take so much whether it be a V12 or 4 cylinder. When at leats you know where things are. But it's a start though so good job. i love cars and i had a 04 mustang cobra, now i have a 2011 camaro ss. But i miss my mustang though :( it sucks i had to sell it :(

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    • Oh yea. Listening to the engine is amazing forsure. Here in Canada 90% people drive auto's. The manual is dieing over here. Nice civic too :) My girlfriend has a 1992 honda accord and it's the crappiest thing ever lol. I tease her about it but she doesn't like it so i stopped lol. But yeah, anything that could go wrong went wrong with that car. I literally spend more time trying to fix that than with her lmao. Have you had a cappy car before?

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  • I was thinking of the car because who the fuck calls STDs STIs?

    • at my school they had "sti screening" so i came up with this haha

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    • I call them STIs? Either is correct?

    • An infection implies that it can be treated and got rid of. A disease implies it's with you for life. Both terms are correct because STIs/Ds apply at the same time - some are curable some aren't.
      The majority that people get are infections though so STI is more appropriate.

  • Give me a 2000 P1 any day of the week, sti's aren't bad tho

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