How goofy is it to say that George W "kept us safe" when 9/11 happened under him?

Why do republican goofballs howl at the moon to blame Obama for an attack on an embassy abroad (Benghazi), then turn around and say "Bush kept us safe", when 9/11, the anthrax attack and a terrorist sniper named Mohammed happened under his watch inside the country? It's widely known that Bush received an alarm from a CIA report about bin Laden planning to attack while Bush was on vacation, and he ignored it. How do they rationalize it?


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  • they are career politicians, they don't rationalize anything


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  • Did Obama keep us safe when he released five high profile terrorists from Gitmo?

    • You're an idiot. At least read the full question.

    • Oh, I read the question. ;)

      Now it has come out through the Benghazi panel that there were more than 600 requests for extra aid/protection from Stevens over the course of a year leading up to the Benghazi attack. 600 requests is unusual or bizarre and it could reasonably be said that the attack was foreseeable. Even if it's true the emails never reached Clinton's desk, then that is indicative of a much larger problem at the State Department. How do you rationalize that?

      I'm not saying Bush is innocent. I'm just saying nobody's perfect and there is plenty of blame to go around on both sides. In my opinion, neither party has done a stellar job protecting our country.

    • hahahahahah, benghazi. 8th committee, where the previous 7 found nothing. Only 3 committees on 9/11, and most of them private. Priorities, republicans.

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