I got spank by a paddle when I was younger were others spanking by a paddle mine stung so bad I couldn't sit down with out rubbing my butt?

I get smacked like 2-3 everytime I was bad.

  • Paddle
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  • Belt
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  • Hand
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  • Wooden spoon
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  • Switch
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  • Shoe
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  • Paddle with holes
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  • Messed up world we live in. Physical punishment is just wrong no matter what in my opinion. I'm really sorry you got spanked.


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  • Wooden spoon :)

    My dumb ass learned real quick how to behave lol and if ever my parents spanked me it was because I had it coming and had made the educated decision to disobey.


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  • Fuck all this PC PUSSY parenting shit. When I was growing up I got spanked. If I got lippy, I got slapped, if I yelled back I got the belt. Guess what, I'm not shoving dildos up my ass or living some sort of deviant lifestyle because of it. I graduated high school and college just fine. And have moved on to a successful career and marriage. I have my own family now, I have never needed to lay a hand on my children, but the teen years aren't too far away. It all depends on the situation.

  • Shoes, switches, and hands
    Once with some heels but not those long heels though, like those heels the pilgrims wore

  • my parents either used a belt or their hands

  • I went to 12 years. of Catholic school I was paddled, hit with rulers, 2X4, hair pulled, ears almost pulled off & anything else the Priests, Brothers or Nuns had available.

  • I got the hand. I hated it but it was effective.


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