Can I get a sunburn in an hour and a half?

so I was playing soccer today and I played for a good hour and a half at around 11am till 12:20ish

it was a little windy but there was still some sun. and I noticed that my nose and cheeks are kinda reddish/pinkish

could it be sunburn?


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  • not sure bout sunburn but u can get a bit of a tan.
    it depends on the intensity of the sun i guess.


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  • it wouldn't be a bad sunburn but it would be one.

    • I hope it just blends in to my skin

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  • I think it might be slightly, but nothing too bad. Just wear sun screen when you go outside.

    • well I mean i tan pretty good cuz I got an olive undertone, but I look like a Tomato right now

    • Lol! Don't worry, I am sure you'll live 😭

  • Yeah, a mild one.


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