I feel alone even when im surrounded by nice people, im not sure what to do?

So i moved 3 months ago to go to uni, and 2-3 weeks after arriving i decided to join a volunteer group to make more friends.

People there are super nice, including and social, but i still haven't made any "legit friends".. and what i mean by that is that i dont have anyone im close to. I dont have anyone to invite to hang out outside the volunteer work.

Yesterday there was this party with all the volunteers and i decided to stay longer then i usually do, be more outgoing, joining more things, but i ended up walking from one person to another because they would dance with me one minute and then they would leave the next minute, so i walked to some other people.. to be social and instead of just sitting alone and doing nothing.

So basically i feel alone even when im surrounded by these people.. And im actually considering quiting because when i leave work or the parties i feel bad... i always walk home alone and i have no one to share things with.

I can't decide if i should stay a bit longer and see how things go or if i should just stop.. If i do stop i'll be less soscial ofc.. but it stings a little when you dont have that one person to go to, or that group of people that wants you to be there etc

So any advice?


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  • You know what you want, that's great. My experience is to get really involved with the people and things will change.


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  • Some friendships take longer to build than others, especially when you are surrounded by many people who can potentially be your friend. Don't leave, I suggest stay and give those people a chance. Moreover, I think you should also try to see if you can make friends with individual people, who are not always in a crowd of large friends. That way, anyone can have a higher chance of making friends.


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  • I'd stick it out a little longer. I'm at uni too and I find everyone's abit odd for the first few months! But then you find yourself getting closer and closer to people who you didn't really see yourself being friends with. I was in the same boat and so are many others!

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