Anyone good with cars on this site?

Back in July my boyfriend drove my truck to work. When I went to pick it up the ac wasn't working at all. No air was blowing regardless of what setting I put it on. I didn't know what was wrong and I don't have the money to go around places and pay them to check the truck and find out what's wrong with it so I just left it go.

about 2 weeks ago my heat sprang back to life and continued working until I started the truck today. Any ideas as to what's up with it?


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  • A short somewhere with the blower fan. Means it's on it's last legs and you'll need a new one. Prolly cost like $50 but not sure. Putting it in yourself is not all too hard but you gotta know basic wiring. Prolly like 5 wires

    • Knowing the fact the truck was my dad's and he did next to no maintenance on it (I already spent $500 on repairs) that seems likely. And I'm happy to know it'll be cheap! Thank you!

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    • Okay awesome, thank you for all of your help!

    • No problem. Any time 😋👍

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