GaG, would you rather?

Would you rather, lose the ability to taste or the ability to experience (sexual) pleasure?

So, you wouldn't be able to taste anything and no matter how attracted you were to a sexual partner, you wouldn't be able to get any pleasure from it whatsoever.

You HAVE to choose (no side-roads), which one will you sacrifice?

  • Taste?
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  • Pleasure?
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A reminder:

You'd still be able to eat, but you wouldn't be able to taste.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Without food, I get angry.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Taste because then I can always eat extremely healthy wothout worrying about the taste, lol


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  • "See results" is a sideroad. I give up pleasure, cause I need food everyday. And I could still give it to my partner and taste it

    • "And I could still give it to my partner and taste it " you mean give the food to her and taste it from her?

      You CAN'T taste anymore lol.

    • NOoo, I give up pleasure. I could still give IT (=pleasure) to her and taste Her