Sport car insurance?

Is it true that sport cars have higher payments for insurance?
I'm not talking about super expensive sport cars that like billionaires can only afford.
If you have a sports car: how much do you pay monthly for insurance and what car do you have?


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  • The 2013 Maserati GranTurismo Sport costs just under $4,000 a year in New York (basic liability only, without collision, theft, etc.). If you want to insure it against collision, then it's just under $9,000 a year in New York (with a $1,000 deductible). If you want to insure it against theft, you may as well not buy the car.

    My friend has the 2014 Ford GT500, and even with all of the custom after-market work he's done under the hood, his basic liability is still around $2,000 a year, and with collision, he still pays under $6,000 a year.

    It depends on a lot of things, not just the car that you're insuring. It depends on the driver's record, and who is a named additional insured or driver. It depends on the state the car is registered. It also depends on the type of coverage (obviously).

    You get what you pay for with insurance. It's a highly competitive industry. So, if you're "saving money," that means you're "not insured for certain risks." That the only way you can be "saving money."

    If you have a car that's more than $50,000 in value, then one thing you don't want to be cheap with is your insurance.


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  • well yes, age and length of no claims is a far bigger factor, say accident free young and you will reap the benefits later, i pay £23 per month for a 2.5 v6 car for instance.

  • Yes in general. Bigger engines, wheels, value will all have an affect on insurance prices.


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