What can I do when I have no self esteem?

I've always been put down throughout my life so as a result I pretty much have no self esteem, I had at least a little bit until my boyfriend came along. We are meant to be working things out but I can't stop thinking about the horrible things he has said to me. Remembering how he said to me he hasn't been attracted to me as much because I lost weight, that he wishes he had something to grab on to. Telling me none of my friends care about me. There's so much more said as well. How can I forget about all the harsh things he has said to me? I want to be with him but I know he hasn't treated me well, my head is just a mess. And he really has made me feel worse about myself given everything that has been said..


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  • i think none of your friends cares about you too. do you know why? people do not actually care about others. that's a genearlization, we have exceptions too. but his friends also do not care about him too, i guess. Furthermore, you just FORGIVE, dont forget. All human beings make mistakes. some are said when they're angry, some were meant to say. But if a person is really regretful, you try to forgive.

    • Was hoping to be made to feel better, not be told people don't actually care about others..

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