My friend wants me to dress up as a woman for Halloween. All the way nothing spared lol. Should i?

I'm talking form fitting dress, stockings, garter belt, boots with the fur and a lacy trim thong to top it all off lol. Think its too much? Should i? Or am i missing something? :P

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  • I will suggest a better outfit, then do it
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50% more voters said to do it so far. If i reach double of one than the other i will do that :P
Looks like i'm doing it haha! Why not :P
I did it and she loved it lol. Apparently i wear a thong and thigh highs very well haha


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  • Good luck mate

  • Sure why not...


What Guys Said 1

  • I would not because the bra, heels and wig would be a pain.

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