I ripped my pants in school today has this ever happened to you?

So today my art teavher took us to this hall where all of her students put their art and we had to examine it and tell what we liked about it long story short me and my friend snuck away from the group and started banging on random doors and running, a security guard almosts caught us so we ran from him and i ripped my pants spinting up the stairs away from him. (they are uniform pants so they rip easy)

Hs this ever happend to you?

i ran down another stairway to the storage room and told the guy in there i ripped my pants.. he gave me new pants (my friend is stalling my teacher and i ran back to the class when they were leaving the hall)
made it back just in time, all the students were like

"but if i skipped i'd get suspended"

i didn't really skip... i ran xD but anyways has this happened to you?


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  • yea, but I didn't hide it.