Girls, how do you get a guy to open up to you in your best way to make him feel better or get him to smile or laugh?


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  • Kind of two different things, at least to me. If I want him to open up to me I'll be candid with him about my personal stuff to create a feeling of trust. I'll never make him feel like I'm judging him in any way if he tells me something kind of private or something that he might feel self conscious about; I'll make sure to let him know I think it's okay and maybe try and relate to it in some way so he feels like we have solidarity (or something like that :') ). If he trusts me with important stuff that he needs to talk through I'll make sure to listen to him, and not interrupt, or even give advice really if I think what he needs to do is just vent. I'll make sure he knows I'm on his side - I won't just agree with anything he says, but maybe certain things I don't really agree with I won't make a big deal out of and just accept that it's because he's upset (like say if he said he hated someone or something that I can see good things about, I'll just see it as hyperbole because of how he's feeling). If he does ask me for advice I'll try and give him good advice, with kindness (being really blunt just feels mean to me when someone's already vulnerable, even if what they're saying is wrong, how they feel is valid and important). If we have this kind of relationship I'll hug him, hold his hand, etc.; because physical affection like that can be really good for creating a bond with someone as well as making them feel safe and comforted.

    To get him to smile or laugh I'll pay attention to his interests, ask him for his opinions. Show him fun stuff I think he'll like (even if he doesn't find the actual thing that funny it's nice to know someone's thinking about you and wants you around I think). Just hanging out with him, making jokes, messing around. It shouldn't be too complicated :')