Do your coworkers ever treat you like this?

I've been working here 9 months now, and the rest of the girls have been working here for many years and so are very close friends. When I first started, first couple of months they really accepted me into their circle. We became reallllyyy close. But for somw reason, these last 3 months I've been noticing they dont include me anymore. Dont laugh with me at work at all. They act really serious, and if I make the slightest mistake, im looked at like im reallly stupid.
so im nervous around them now. Which causes mistakes. And it sucks. a lot. To see people having fun together and feel left out. A while back I asked one of them if they are mad, she said there was no reason to be.
i just feel really stupid. Especially when i make mistakes now, which we all do. Before they would say its alright and hug it out with me because we wete close. Now im looked at like i must be really dumb, but yet when they make mistakes its nothing.

Im just not used to not being liked? Especially not knowing why.. i can't think of what i did wrong.. o. o its stressing me out


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  • Fuck them! Middle fingers to the sky. This is why I don't even bother to make friends in the workplace. Work is for work not social hour

    • Ohhh how i wish i had your attitude

    • It took a while but I'm there. You will get there just keep thinking this way. It'll make life a lot easier for ya too

      Thank you😊