Guys, do you get turned off by how a girl looks when she cries?

I'm not exactly the prettiest when I cry. Some girls do tend to still look beautiful when they cry but others like me aren't as lucky. I tend to hide my face with my hands so no one can see me. So guys if a girl doesn't look as pretty when she is crying does that turn you off? Just curious


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  • It doesn't matter if we find you pretty or not if you're crying. If a girl is crying, I don't care how she looks, I just want to do everything under my power to stop her from crying.

    I could be in love with someone who is absolutely gorgeous to me. If she is "ugly" when she cries, that isn't going to change the way I feel about her whatsoever. As long as I can turn those tears to a big smile on her face, being "ugly" while crying is irrelevant.

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