Where do I have to go to find out the width of a road in a certain area in NY?

I'm not going to measure it myself because the road that I'm talking about constantly has a lot of cars. I'd like to know because I plan on buying my favorite car and it happens to be very wide.


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  • Debate and credit, payments on a new car every month. Insurance, money. etc


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  • There are standards for cars and roadways. You don't have to worry about the width of a passenger car for sale in the US. Besides it probably only looks wide because it has a low profile. The widest non-commercial vehicles are SUVs.

    • What I meant was I need to know the width of the lanes in certain places in NY. I drive an SUV on a three lane road and I'm always worried about scraping another car. There seems to be barely any room for my car. I'm wondering how difficult it would be to drive a car that I want that is 1.5 inches wider.

    • Since it is a multi-lane highway, and not a country lane, it will be wide enough for any car or truck that is licensed for over-the-road use. Whatever you buy will not be as wide as a commercial truck.

    • Its a long multi-lane road that leads to a bridge and an overpass. I meant to say barely enough room for my car not barely any room. So if I do scrape my car on that road which I'm guessing will happen eventually, who do you think will be at fault? I'm guessing the person at fault should be whoever decided not to make the lanes wider.

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