I might of embarrassed myself on my class introduction?

I'm a big bodybuilder and one of my first general ed classes we went around the room and the professor asked why you are in college. I said word for word "I'm 22 years old and my only skills are drinking protein shakes and lifting heavy objects off the ground.. I want to change that"

The professor started cracking up and a couple other kids started laughing but most of the class just stared at me with disapporvement lol. I'm a good student so what does it matter?

How do I redeem myself?



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  • :))))
    I would laugh too but not because you embarrassed yourself, but because that statement is amusing. It shows your perspective about yourself but also your willpower. The prof also probably laughed because it's an amusing statement and he looks forward to how you will achieve that "change".
    As for other kids, they might think you're an airhead jock since you said "my only skills are..." but now that you're in college and ready for change, gather more skills and show people what you're capable of.
    For what it's worth, you were honest out there than a hell of a lot others. And that's cool. :)
    Go out there and exploit your potential. :D


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  • That's nothing to be embarrassed about. In fact, the opposite, if I'd have been in that class and heard that introduction you'd have instantly gained my respect. It was honest and straight to the point. People probably laughed because it sounds like a sort of dry sarcastic joke, if that makes sense? I cracked a smile when I read it, but I wasn't laughing at you. I appreciated the way it was delivered, as, I'd assume did the professor and the others in class. As for the blank faces, the sincerity of your delivery clearly went over their heads, don't worry about them. I think you'll be absolutely fine from what I just read.


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  • I don't find that embarrassing at all why he found it so funny I don't know. It just shows you have focused on body building and now want to focus on so much more. Your professor is a tool and probably intimidated


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