Why do some people think recreational hunting is alright if you eat the animal, but wrong if you just want to kill it?

I'll just say now I'm vegan myself, but why do people think eating the meat is somehow much more of a reason to kill an animal than mere blood lust?

You don't need to eat meat. Someone could conceivably get more pleasure from killing than from eating meat; it doesn't make sense to see it as okay when you're eating it but immoral if you just enjoy killing.

  • I agree, it's inconsistent to think it's okay if you eat it but wrong if you don't.
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  • I disagree, I don't see any inconsistency in that.
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Does anyone have an opinion on this?
Does anyone see the inconsistency?


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  • Because you're not killing it just for fun. It's for a purpose. Now veganism is something that you've chosen personally to persue, and I'm not gonna go into that, but technically humans are supposed to eat meat. We are omnivores, it is why we have both sharp canine teeth and the herbivore plant eating teeth.

    Now some people believe that eating meat is immoral, usually it's because of how animals are generally treated in the whole farming business. However hunting for food cuts out that excuse. For some it is just killing animals all together, which yes for me it is sad, that these animals are dying for us to eat. But we are the only (carnivore/omnivore) species on earth worried about the morality of killing and eating another animal. It's a natural instinct for us to want to eat meat, we are designed to eat meat. Therefore we have an actual purpose to killing animals, it isn't just for fun, to take another life out of pure bloodlust, it's to both feed and nourish our bodies as they were intended to be. Humans were never supposed to be vegans. That's just a choice some people make.

    • "Because you're not killing it just for fun. It's for a purpose."

      Their purpose is just eating it though, which isn't something they need to do, just something they like to do - just as some people like killing.

      Yes, it is 'natural' for us to eat meat, that doesn't mean we should when we don't need to.

      You could say we're designed to kill as well. Cats often kill small animals and don't bother eating them, some humans are the same. The desire to kill for fun is no more trivial than the desire to eat meat because you like the taste.

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    • Ad hominem attacks are the best aren't they... who needs to read what's actually being said.

    • @Asker You can only argue for so long, with someone who simply refuses to acknowledge facts, and offers none of their own. After that, it becomes clear that they're just not that bright.

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  • Unless you're going and killing the animal with your bare hands, you're a huge pussy. Guns cheat the natural food chain. I'm not the least bit impressed by someone sitting quietly enough for some unsuspecting animal to wander into your range. And honestly, I think you have to be kind of a sick fuck to get enjoyment out ending another creature's life. Like how does that make you happy? Do you ever think that maybe you orphaned a bunch of baby animals that might slowly and agonizingly starve to death alone? Like I understand my place in the food chain, I'm an omnivore, I eat some kind of meat every day. But it's out of sight, out of mind, and these are animals raised for slaughter that don't have babies that will be left to fend for themselves in the wilderness. And then some people talk about population control, but if we get overrun with a certain animal, that's just what nature wants, and nature will take care of itself one way or another. This idea that it's up to humans to change the course of nature is absurd. I can't stand the humanocentric attitude that it's our world and everything else is just living in it at our behest and can be regulated due to our needs. That's the height of human arrogance.

    • People use guns to hunt because otherwise humans are massively disadvantaged in hunting. We are slow, weak, and we have no particularly effective built in weapons. Our only major advantage is our vision.

      A human is roughly a match for a badger or a swan. Any animal large enough to be worth hunting would kill a naked and unarmed human in short order.

      Also, stop talking like humanity is completely outside of nature, because we aren't.

      Also, humans are built to help HUMANS. If something is a threat to humanity, or a portion of it, then we will fight to stop that thing, because it is threatening our continued lack of critical existence failure.

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  • Some people, like the people of Nunavut, kill for the sake of their families and villages. Not everybody has access to the kinds of things required for a fully vegan diet, and secondly: people are allowed to dictate their own eating habits. Don't get me wrong, I do not agree with the sport killing of animals either, but I don't put people down for hunting for the sake of feeding their families if it is something that they have to do. You also have to keep in mind that hunting is deep rooted into some people's culture, like the Natives.

    Do I agree with unnecessary killing for the sake of entertainment? Yes. But I don't think that somebody should be demonized for not adhering to a specific diet.

  • It's been said before, but I'll say it again. Humans are omnivores. We thrive on a mixed diet of meat and plants. Cutting one of those major groups out is detrimental to our health.
    Hunting for meat is arguably healthier than buying it. You guarantee that it's fresh, and hasn't been exposed to additives and preservatives.
    Eating meat is good for you. Killing for fun can be a symptom of psychatric disorders (please note, I said CAN, not IS). The difference should be pretty obvious.

    • The difference in terms of human mental health, perhaps, but not the difference in terms of is the killing justified - which is what is relevant here.

      Yes, it's 'natural' for us to kill and eat meat, as is it for us to be racist and to rape - that doesn't mean we should if we can avoid it.

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    • Rape is just as natural, and occurs in all these other animals too, why is that different for humans?

    • Rape can be classed in the same category as killing for fun. It happens in nature, but it's not necessary for human survival.
      Eating meat is required for optimal health.
      I'm not sure how you're having so many issues grasping these extremely basic concepts.

  • So you have two arguments here 1) everyone should be vegan and why are they not and 2) if your not a vegan someone else should kill your food.
    The bottom line is not everyone is going to be a vegan so get over that. If you are going to eat meat what is the problem with killing it yourself? You are doing it for your sustenance. The meat you eat will tend to be more natural, chemical and hormone free protein. For the record, to kill for sport makes no sense to me, buy a paper target.

    • "So you have two arguments here 1) everyone should be vegan and why are they not and 2) if your not a vegan someone else should kill your food. "

      Read again, if you have already.

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    • Humans eat meat, accept it. Beyond that there is a choice to kill and eat your meat or shop for pre-killed meat. Once you can absorb that we can continue to debate the difference between killing to eat vs killing to kill. There is an ENORMOUS difference. But unfortunately, there is no point debating an irrational person that can't accept the fact that humans do eat meat.

    • Why is killing for fun wrong in your view? Humans eat meat because they want to, they don't need to.

  • Because if you eat it or otherwise make use of its body, then at least it won't feel like such a waste. It would kind of be like baking a cake and then throwing it away. Why waste all those ingredients if you're not even going to eat it? Yes, baking it is an experience in itself, but the whole point of a cake is to eat it. Similarly, the point of hunting (traditionally) is to get food, to make use of the animal and its meat/skin/fur etc. If you hunt just for the sake of hunting, then you're pretty much just killing animals for no reason at all. If you eat the meat, there's at least one reason to kill it.

  • To me I do think it's wrong to kill an animal just for the fun of it. Though doing it so you don't starve I don't see why that is bad. Sure some people could go to a vegan diet but Some people probably can't afford to do that.

    Should tigers feel bad for killing other animals for food? What about sharks and every other carnivore out there? They need to kill to survive other wise they will starve to death and die. You going to tell them to go on a vegan diet? Some animals are going to be eaten even if humans aren't the ones doing it.

  • Typical view of a vegan.


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  • Our species has evolved as carnivores, eating meat is accepted by the overwhelming majority of our species, and therefore hunting is necessary to produce meat. It is certainly more honest than going to the grocery store and buying a package of ground sirloin. However, hunting when you will not eat your prey is motivated solely by the desire to kill and most people find that at least distasteful.

    • Something being accepted as routine/normal doesn't make it necessary.

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    • "Your question only asked about recreational hunting, so. . . you are okay with people going to the grocery store and buying a package of sirloins?"

      Don't be a dick. The question is about people who say hunting is alright when they find out the hunter plans to eat what they kill.

    • You asked for their reason, I told you. You just don't want to believe it, you want to argue and call me names. Take a look at yourself and look at what you are doing. Is this the best behavior that you offer to others?

  • vignette3.wikia.nocookie.net/.../latest

    I am not too sure what to say,,,

    I am sure you are very well aware if the fact that most morals are not facts but are merely instilled in us by society and the rest we develop ourselves and incorporate into our lives. This being said, many believe that killing an animal is justified if you want to eat it. You pointed out if it is killed for recreation which contradicts the idea of wanting to kill the animal to eat it unless you are saying to kill the animal for recreational purposes and to eat the animal as a reward.

    I go back to what I said, 'many believe that killing an animal is justified if you want to eat it.' There are a millions of arguments for and against eating animals and you seem to fall in the side where you are against it. You ask for the reasons why but there is not really one reason why unless you hear a completely new reason.


    Morals are full of double standards. This just happens to be one you don't want to accept. It doesn't really go any further than this since many others do accept it.

  • I see no inconsistency. Where I'm from, hunting is a means of procuring meals--not a means of penis measuring. We are a part of nature, surviving along with all the other life around. As it so happens, we are omnivores, and that means we can consume meat. That's not an excuse to destroy and devour, as we are indeed intelligent beings, but it does mean that killing other animals and consuming them is natural for us. Taking a life without a purpose other than "because it makes me feel good" is wasteful and arrogant. It seems to say, "I can do what I want." It carries a sense of entitlement. Killing for food is another thing entirely. In killing for food and not sport, people are exhibiting mindfulness toward nature. They know killing for no reason is a ridiculous, almost hateful thing to do. It basically comes down to this: What good came from killing that animal?
    Killing for food: A family is fed.
    Killing for sport: Some guy gets bragging rights.
    No actual need is met in the latter. That's why I don't see an inconsistency.

  • It's not at all inconsistent. You don't need to eat vegetables either. And if I saw you just tearing plants out of the ground and leaving them to rot for shits and giggles, I'd think you were just as wasteful and destructive as someone killing animals for the same reason.

    That said, there's another reason to hunt, and that's population management. Humans encroach on habitats and drive away top tier predators, which allows lower tier herbivores and scavengers to breed out of control and threaten eco systems even further. But that's still a reasonable, practical purpose for killing a thing.

  • You choose not to eat meat. Congratulations. Doesn't mean it's right for everyone else and lecturing isn't going to change anything - it's sort of like if an asexual person were to lecture others on what they find wrong with sexuality. We're omnivores. It's natural to us. That will never change.

    I have never hunted and have no interest in doing so because I think it's unnecessary given the commercial availability of meat, but I don't begrudge people who choose to hunt so long as they eat the meat instead of wasting it. I think trophy hunters are kind of pathetic, honestly.

    • I'm not saying it isn't 'natural', I'm not even saying it's wrong here, just that it's inconsistent to think that killing for fun is somehow horrible yet killing to eat meat is fine.

      Your asexuality analogy doesn't work either, I don't lack a desire to eat meat, I choose not to eat it for the sake of the animals. A better analogy is a man (with a normal sex drive and orientation) who chooses not to rape.

    • And as I said, the way I see it, one is wasteful, the other isn't.

  • Humans are omnivores, we have the healthiest diet when we consume meat along with fruits and veggies. However, will I don't hunt and couldn't do it, I do respect those who hunt for responsible sustainability because there's a lot of disgusting shot that goes on in the animal farming industry. Those who enjoy hunting are generally psychopaths and should be locked up but those that hunt for survival are fine.

    • If it's only animals they're killing why do you think they should be locked up for that if you don't think killing animals in general should warrant such treatment?

    • Because killing for the sake of killing is against social norm. It is mental illness and needs to be treated, it is a show off lack of empathy and sympathy. Killing for food is survivalist, killing for fun is illness.

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K9OfhcnKMCk

    Killing for food is normal we need protein, killing for the sake of killing is cruel since it is a waste of resources and creates an imbalance in the ecosystem.

  • Simple.

    If you hunt and kill and eat an animal, then the kill actually served a purpose. Sustenance. That is quite natural. Wolves, leopards, bears, badgers, otters, lizards, frogs, turtles... it's the way of the wild.

    If you hunt and kill an animal, and don't eat it, it died merely for your fun. That's a complete and utter waste.

  • There's no inconsistency, in nature predators kill their prey and eat it all the time. They don't simply kill it for fun, they kill it to eat it. So, as long as you are actually gonna benefit the goods that comes from you prey's death, it's fine to kill it.

  • They've been watching too much Lion King. They like cute little animals, but at the same time, you know, circle of life and shit...
    For what it's worth, I think hunting is retarded, whether you eat what you kill or not.

  • Killing something for its meat is not the same as killing it without a real purpose.

  • Let me guess, you've never lived on a farm, plucked a chicken, or skinned a rabbit?

    Humans are evolved to eat meat. That is why our guts are relatively much smaller than a gorilla's. It is hypothesized that the ability and behavior to eat meat is what assisted in developing our brains to grow to their large relative size.

    Lack of meat in one's diet often leads to anemia, which kills almost 5,000 people a year, which is 9 times the number who are accidentally killed by firearms. (don't eat too much either or exclusively either or you have other problems).

    An all vegetarian diet can be child abuse. A couple in Arizona was arrested and convicted for forcing their child onto a vege diet.

    It is tricky to get the all the proteins you need without meat. That is why people from meat deficient areas, like rural Central America or far inland China, have stunted growth and vitamin deficiency problems. Do you really want your children to be 4" shorter than they could be?

    Vegetarians often consume soy products. Soybeans have an estrogen-like compound that in large quantities can harm a male fetus or growing boys. It can cause girls to enter puberty earlier. It has less effect on non-pregnant adults, but it can cause men to develop breasts too. Small quantities are ok.

    Actually, "Fact is" not. Humans cannot survive long on a limited diet. We forget that today because so many foods are fortified. Scurvy, blindness, birth defects and stillbirths and many other problems are eliminated or reduced because of industrial food processing and we have access to variety. Part of that variety is the protein of meat. Have you ever seen the pictures of bloated bellies of very poor African children? It is because they do not have meat to eat.

    If you are concerned about "having the space", then ban ethanol in cars. Half the US corn crop is burned in cars. It does nothing for CO2, because the loss of combustion efficiency reduces mpg and the amount of CO2 produced in making the fertilizer for it.

    One of the funniest answers I have seen is that if God didn't want people to eat animals, then he wouldn't have made them taste like meat.

    • "Actually, "Fact is" not. Humans cannot survive long on a limited diet. We forget that today because so many foods are fortified." I never said "fact is"?

      "We forget that today because so many foods are fortified." - not necessarily with animal products.

      Anyway you ignored the question. We've established that you're adamant that eating meat is all fine and dandy, but you haven't mentioned killing for fun.

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    • Its ok to have inconsistent view points as we are just human and not robots.

    • I haven't said or implied that consistency is even desirable, I'm merely asking people to consider whether this is something on which many people are inconsistent.